Strociek Music Inovations
For all your music needs
My Name is
I have been involved with music for over 30 years.
I offer a full range of services for any and all your music needs.
I play guitar, bass, and drums.
I am a Sound Technican for others on a regular basis.
If you have a music itch you just can't scratch give me a call, I have long nails.


 Do you have those kind of neighbors that just don't understand that it has to be loud or you just can't hear the notes or the singer?
Who knew you would fall in love with that little toy drum set which now fills your entire garage, bet your neighbors LOVE you.
Are the cops always knocking at your door in the middle of your best solo?
Here at Strociek Music we completely understand.
We have space available for your practicing needs.
$30 Hourly
With backline for an additional charge.
Weekly or Monthly call for more information
Amp Services & Guitar Repair and Setup
Does your Amp not sound just right?  Snap and pop?
We can replace that blown tube or fix the grounding problem your having.
We can even do board work.
Did you get that new Dream Guitar but it just doesn't sound like you want?
We can help with that: new set-up, new knobs, new pick-up, string changing.
Break in the neck? We can even install your Acoustic Pick-up.

Any customization you want we can try and make it happen.
Custom Built Floyd Rose Systems
Have a Floyd Rose you want to customize?
We can make it what you want and more.
Just give us a call.
Here at Strociek Music we enjoy the challenge of Live performance sound.
All our boards are run manually, no auto-tune, a machine just can't hear what we can hear.
We offer P.A. Rental with or without a Sound Technician.
From your basic quick setup all the way to a large venue.
Tell us the needs of your next event and see what we can do for you.

Have a big event coming up with lots of bands?
Need someone to get bands and setups on and off the stage quickly?
Not enough Roadies?
Or how about someone who can tune and quick fix every instrument on the stage?
​We specialize in all those things at Strociek Music.
​​Ever have the urge to learn an instrument?
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, maybe Violin.
We have them all.
We have the best prices around starting at $40 for 2 hours,
depending on the insturment.

When you find the time is right we can record you either in studio or live.
Now ​Strociek Music  is knowladgeable in many things, but not all things.
And video recording is one skill we have not mastered the art of (YET).
So in this rare occassion we have searched and found the right people to know, if you ask us we will be more than happy to share this information with you.